Verification Documents

Plusoption is proud and determined to operate in accordance with global Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations.
In order for us to comply with those global regulations, we require verifying our clients with standard legal documents.
Our clients must provide true and updated information about themselves, to enable the Company to confirm the identity of each Client when receiving and transferring funds from and to the Client.

There are five documents required for customer verification:

  1. Front copy of a valid Government issued Photo ID
  2. Back copy of a valid Government issued Photo ID
  3. Front copy of your Credit/Debit Card
  4. Back copy of your Credit/Debit Card
  5. A copy of a valid Utility Bill

Colour copy of a valid Government issued Photo ID
Examples of accepted Photo ID: Driver’s License/National Identity Card/Passport.
We require both Front and Back copies,  which should contain your full name and photo.

Colour Copy of your Credit/Debit Card

Front copy should include your full name and the four last digits (Please cover the first 12 digits)
Back copy should include your signature (Please cover the CVC/CVV code).
Credit Card copies without a signature will not be approved!
Please note, that in case there were multiple cards used to fund your Plusoption account, we will require copies per card.

Colour Copy of a valid Utility Bill
A utility bill acts as a proof of address, it is essentially a payment request/receipt, sent to your legal address, such as Water, Electricity, Gas, Internet, Land Line Phone bill etc, or a recently issued bank statement. In order for it to be approved, the bill/statement must be from the last 3 months, containing your full name and current address.


Please ensure that the documents appear in full, showing all four corners and sides.

for further assistance please contact our support team by email [email protected] or call +442038070195


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